Again NCAA D1 Mens Player Not Knowing Rule Proves Costly.

After Watching Notre Dame Men’s Team make a crucial mistake in crunch time when the player went thru the foul half circle before the ball hit the rim before his teammate shooting a one and one foul shot with ND down by 2 with seconds to play. Result violation, no foul shot and ND Loses.

It must be contagious as this time it was an Ohio State Player who is on the line after Kansas fouled with a 3 point lead with 2.8 seconds left in the semi-final game. Kansas fouled so that it would take the 3 point shot possibility away from OS to tie the game.

This put the OS point guard on the foul line where he had to make the first half of the one and one. Then miss the second half of the one and one intentionally, hope to get the rebound and score to tie the game.

The player made the first shot to cut the lead to 2. Then he immediatly threw the ball intentinally at the front of the rim as soon as the official bounced him the ball. This caught Kansas by surprise and the foul shooter got the rebound, the only problem was he stepped over the foul line to get the rebound before the ball hit the rim, which is a violation.

If he had waited until the ball hit the rium he had a chance to get the ball as it bounced towards him and if he gained possession the clock wouldn’t have started until he touched the ball and he would have had time for a 10-12 foot jump shot in the lane.

Three things stand out on this play. 1. The player did not know the rule, 2 the player did not remember the rule or 3 the player was not reminded by the coaching staff about waiting until the ball hit the rim.

Players should know this rule as should have the Notre Dame Player and it is the coaches responsibility that they know the rules of the game they are playing. And in special situations they should remind the players even if they have been told the rule by the coaching staff. It still all comes down on the coaches which ever way it happened to the Ohio State and Notre Dame Players.