Some Poor Fundamentals to Look For in the Mens Final Four

Here are some of the poor fundamentals that I have seen in watching the NCAA and NIT Mens Tournament Games.

1. Players leaving their feet and not having a good shot…result turnovers-player-out of control fouls or charges which are turnovers

2. Players catching the ball at the 3 point circle and not facing up…..result missed oportunities to get the ball to the low block

3. Players not finding their men to block out on defensive rebounding…..result giving up offensive put backs on the offenasive boards

4. Players dribbling the ball immediately without looking up…result slows down game as pass gets their 2/3rds faster then the dribble and to much one on one

5. Defensively players leaving their feet to block shots before the man they are guarding leaves their feet….result Fouls usually 2 shots

6. Defensively players trying to block shots before the ball is out of the shooters hands….result fouls called

7. Defensively defenders trying to close out 3 point shooters by using their right hand instead of their left agaoinst right handed shooters, vice-versa against lefties….results leaves open shooting space for shooter and also results in running into 3 point shooter, if they used their left hand then they would close out the shot and would not be finishing across the body of the 3 point shooter

8. Defensively players fouling the jump shooter

9. Offensively players picking up their dribble and leaving the floor without knowing what is ahead of them…..this resuults in player control fouls (they are really player-out-of-control fouls because if they were in control of their body they wouldn’t be out of control) or offensive charges.

10. Players playing from the shoulders down not the shoulders up…..result make poor basketball decisions, poor shot selection, turnoverds, needless fouling, etc.

As you watch the final four this weekend look for these things as they are why the game has turned into a game of 3’s and dunks and turnovers……remeber a poor shot is just like a turnover unless the prayer is answered on the shot……you see many prayer shots of which few are answered.