What 1 Offensive Move Leads to the Most Turnovers?

What offensive move leads to the most turnoverds in the NCAA Mens Tournament?

Leaving the floor on the move off the dribble because:

1. Leads to player control fouls

2. Charging fouls

3. Bad passes as player tries to bail themselves out if they don’t have a good shot

4. 3 second calls because post players think the player is going to shoot the ball when they leave their feet and get caught in the bucket.

5. Players without the ball think the player with the ball is going to shoot and turns to rebound and doesn’t expect a pass which leads to turnovers, as “He who hesitates is lost”..

6. Shots that turn out to be “prayers” or “heaves”  when a player leaves his feet off the dribble and has no other option but to throw up a “prayer” or a “heave” should be considered turnovers unless they go in.

The 2nd leading cause is passing off the dribble as the defense can read the pass as players telegraph their passes to players on the perimeter or in the post.

Watch a game at any level and see for yourself if this is true. Remember anything that causes a team to not get a shot on each possession is considered a turnover.