Some NCAA D1 Broadcasters/Color Anaylists Need To Know Some Basketball Rules and Terms Better

I don’t know about you, but many of the National Broadcasters and Color Anaylists sure irrate the heck out of me when they use basketball rules and terms that are not correct. I guess it is just the “basketball purist” in me Sometimes they sound like some of the fans that don’t know the defintions, terminology or rules.

Here are some examples.

1. That is a moving pick, moving screen, illegal pick…..when it is really only a BLOCK,

2. That was an offensive foul. ..when it is really a team control foul or a player control foul or a charge or a block

3. He went over the back….over the back is not a foul, on the back is a foul

4.  That was a lane violation when a player breaks the plane of the half foul shooters circlre…when it is just breaking the 3 point line is a circle violation

5. We are going to overtime…when it is just an extra period

6. Player holding the ball out of bounds or at the foul line and they say the ball is dead…..the ball is live

7. The player flopped…..when it is faking to be fouled

8. The player has 2 foul shots..when they are 2 free throws

9. Thats a jump ball…when it is a held ball

10. He was on his way to the basket so it will count…..When it is continuous motion

Those are some of the basketball defintions that some use but you will not find the Rule 4 Defintions in the Rules Book

You would think that going to be on national television that they would study up on rule 4 on Defintions. That is as imporant as studying the teams and players.

Then we have rules and officials mechanics that many do not know.

1. What Legal Guarding Position is

2. What an officials Primary Coverage Area is when they should make the call

3. 3 second rule when a player receives the ball in the free throw lane before the whistle has been blown

4. You can dribble. fumble, dribble, but you cannot dribble fumble, dribble

5. Dont know when it is legal to grasp or grab the rim

6. Don’t know where the ball is put in play following a violation or foul depending on where the violation or ball is at the time of the violation or foul.

7. Don’t know the rule for running out of bounds on the offensive endline and when it is a legal or a violation

8. Don’t know the advantage-disadvantage rule concerning personal fouls

9. What a defensive player can do once he is in a legal.guarding position and on the floor/ or what the defender can dpo once he has legal guarding position and a player is airborne in front of him

10. When does a players shot actually ends

The reason some do not know these rules because some officials have missed these calls and they don’t know the officials have missed the call during the first 52 NCAA Games..