Teams that Are In the Sweet Sixteen

The following teams and their seeds are left in the NCAA D1 Sweet 16.

1 seeds: Kentucky-Syracuse-North Carolina-Michigan State

2 seeds Kansas-Ohio State

3 seeds Baylor-Marquette

4 seeds Indiana-Louisville-Wisconsin

6 seed Ciinncinnati

7 seed Florida

10 seed  Xavier

11  North Carolina State

13 Ohio


1 Kentucky-4 Indiana..3 Baylor-10 Xavier..1 Michigan State-4 Louisville

3 Marquette-7 Florida.. 1 Syracuse- 4 Wisconsin..6 Cincinnati-2 Ohio St

1 North Carolina- 13 Ohio..11 North Carolina State-2 Kansas

4 Possible Upsets Wisconsin over Syracyse..Florida over Marquette..Cinncinnat over Ohio State..North Carolina State over Kansas

Kentucky, Baylor, North Carolina and Michigan State should hold serve.