Live By the Three Die by the Three!

Have you noticed how many times getting beat in the NCAA D! March Madness tournament are living by the three and dying by the three?

I like to call it the “Teaser Line” as it is so tempting to shoot that three especially without getting the ball to the paint by entry passes and dribble penetration and then kicks outs for better open 3 looks.

Teams that use the entry pass inside out to get their three looks will shoot a higher % then the teams that use just dribble penetration and kickouts and even the dribble penetration will get a higher percentage that teams that shoot the 3 off the dribble or run off screens to get open,

To win a tournament especially 6 or 7 games (7 if you were a play-in team, you certainly can count on one bad shooting nite and you have got to be able to play thru that if you expect to win the whole thing.

Teams that go inside first and then when the  double down to double team comes have a better chance of surviving then the teams that do not go inside at all. The toughest place to defend on the basketball court one on one is on the block because the player with the ball has the advantage of knowing when he is going to take the shot and the defender has to try to stay on the floor until the player on the block leaves his feet to shoot the ball.

Next game you watch, check and see which team goes inside more and which teams stay outside more.