Dribble, Dribble, Dribble, Dribble!!!!!!

Have you noticed how much individual dribbling there has been going on in the NCAA Tournament. Point guards who dribble and dribble makes it so much easier for the defensive players guarding players without the ball, then having to defend teams that pass the ball and make cuts to the basket. Much harder to keep the defensive triangle of you, the ball and the man you are guarding then it is to guard a man without the ball when the offense is dribbling the ball.

Coaches complain about it, well whose fault is it. The coaches, “They Get What They Demand” or “Demand Not Get Not” that allow this over dribbling to take place.

The D1 college game has become a game of 3’s and dunks and now add over dribbling. No need to dribble if you can pass the ball to a teammate,

Dribble should be the escape when you cannot pass the ball to a teammate.

Watch the next games starting Thursday and count the number of dribbles point guards are making vs. starting the offense with a pass. Dribble penetration to the paint is fine if you are looking for kickouts or dish offs, but once the plaer with the ball who has dribbled hard into the paint leaves their feet without looking ahead of them  are a player-out-of-Control going to happen, However, at least in college (not high school) if they get the ball released from their hands before they make contact the basket is going to count along with a player control foul.