Officials Not Calling Endline Violations in NCAA Tourney

Have you noticed that players are running out of bounds on the offensive endline  then they  are the first player to touch the ball from the payer with the ball and no violation has been called. In high school running out of bounds and back onto the court is a violation, in college it is a violation if you are the first player to touch the ball  from the player with the ball.

Now maybe they have been told not too call that this year in the tournament. Either that or some of the officials are missing that important call.

I know last year it was rumored that the head of the college officials told all the officals working the March Madness Tournament of 65 games that they were to make sure of one thing……get the call right and be in your PCA (Primary Coverasge Area when you make the call and worry about other mechanics after the call..