Not Knowing 2 Rules Costs Notre Dame in Loss to Xavier in One Second

Either not knowing the rules or not remembering the rules cost Notre Dame the game as they lost to Xavier.

Trailing by 2 with 2.8 seconds left and a ND player on the line with a chance to tie the game with a l and 1 the ball is in the air and a Notre Dame player runs thru the shooters cirlce on the foul line which is a lane violation. The foul shot was made, then not counted and they lost the other end of the l and 1. Then on the pursiing throw in a Notre Dame Players grabs a Xavier player cutting to the ball which is an intentional foul which is two shots and the ball.

Now it is the coaches responsibility to make sure that all of his players know the rules. In this case two things happened in less than One sceond of game time by the ball being alive, by two different Notre Dame Players. Both calls were exactly correct, regardless of what Charles Barkley thought on the post game show.