Vermont Goes Away From What Got Them There and Get Handled By North Carolina 77-58

You have to dance with who brought you to the dance and Vermont failed to do that all in their bid to be the first 16th seeded team to ever upset a no. 1 seed in the opening round of the NCAA Tournament.

Not beingpatient, not controlling the games tempo, not running their patterns, rushing shots turned Cinderalla into a early afternoon pumpkin. Not that Vermont was going to beat North Carolina they played far from the team that beat Lamar Wednesday nite. 

Now granted North Carolina is not Lamar but just like the year that  13 seed Vermont upset Syracuse 4 seed in 2006 and then lost to Michigan State somnetimes it is tough to get up again for the next game and you may have a let down.

Could be a big letdown from pulling an upset, but it was the fact that Vermont didn’t seem to want to lose on their own terms and system, but instead let North Carolina Dictate the pace and tempo of the game.

Vermont trailed by 12 37-25 at the half. Shooting 50% from the floor against Lamar, NC forced the Cats into 39.7% on 25-63 from the floor and they just made 3-18 for 16.7% from beyond the arc. They only got to the foul line for 5 of 8 for 62.5%. They committed 21 turnovers to just 8 assists.

North Carolina shot 27-65 from the floor for 41.5%,  5-18 from the 3 point line and really won the game from the foul line as they shot 18-24 for 76.9%. NC had 14 turnovers and 11 assists.

Vermont out rebounded NC 40-36 on the boards even though NC had a big size advantage and lost the battle on the offensive boards 14 to 15.

In the end NC Size and ability and quickness and athleticism overtook Vermont. The only real problem playing the way that Vermont normally plays is there is a  small margin of error against very higher skilled teams based on their pure athleticism.If you get behind and panic then the game can get away from you and that is exactly what happened in this game.

A little disappointed that when you play this style that you are not willing to go with it all the way. Because if you are going to lose you should lose on your terms not your opponents and this could be caused by a first year  coach in this situtation, after such a big win ovr Lamar..

However, he certainly out coached a name coach in the Lamar game in Pat Knight and he certainly should be the coach of the year in the America East Conference, if not in New England D1 College Coaches..

However, congratultions for winning the America East Confeence Tourney, winning a game convincely in the big dance and finishing 24-12 overall and with only 2 seniors on the roster.