Dan McCue’s College Team is Headed to the D3 Final Four at Salem. VA

With his younger brother, Christain just having won the 2012 Mr. Maine Basketball Award after leading Hampden to the State Class A Runnersup, after winning the MVP award for the Eastern Maine Class A Tourney and a shoe in for a lst Team All-State Basketball team selection, Dan himself is making Maine  basketball history now moving towards a possible D3 championship.

Dan was a major contributor to the Hampden teams during his career there.

Dan who has sufferred thru major 5 hip correction operations and has had to work very hard to return to basketball. Therapy, rehab and and conditioning from these surgeries have taken  alot of hard work, desire and willingness to suffer thru the pain and mental anguish to get where he could return to the game he loves is just amazing.

To me it is the Maine Sports Comeback Story of the Year. Good luck to Dan in his quest for a National Championship.

P.S. Oldest brother, Jesse also was an outstanding player at Hampden and had a very nice college career in Florida can still light them up in the local men’s league especially from down town.

It certainly would be fun to see the three brothers play together in a 3 on 3 tournament.