Several High Shool Undergrad Basketball Tournaments Start This Weekend

Now that the regular season for the 2011-2012 season has ended there are now undergrad tournaments for next years teams undergrads. The only rule is an mpa rule that states the schools coach cannot coach them and that they cannot not use schiol facilities or equiment or it is a violation of the MPA’s sports season policy which was estabkished in the 70’s because spring sports coaches in baseball and track where upset that basketball was still going on.

The first such tournament in Maine was sponsored and held by the Bangor YMCA in the 50’s. High school coaches were allowed to coach their teams, practice in their own gyms and use school equipment and uniforms until the MPA instituted their Sports Season Policy.

These tournaments were usually held directly after the first weekend in March after all the stae final games and were held on weekends and some weekday evenings for local area teams. They were single elimination tournaments. These tournaments did not directly effect the sring sportds as they didn’t start until the middle of March and the games did not interfer with practices.

THese were good barometers to see what teams would have for the next season.

Today, there are several  in Eastern Maine the biggest one is the one held on MDI  called the Harbor House Tournament which involves many teams each weekend thry March..

Also, MBR is holdng one on weekends also These tournaments also do not interfere with spring sports as pitchers and catchers cannot start until the 3rd Monday in March and the other team and individual sports start a week after that..Also, these tournaments are held on weekends.

So if you haven;’t had a enough of a bsketball fix, attend some of these games and a chance to evaluate next years teams and their talent.