Questions About Tournament Officials Asignments?

The following questions were asked in my Blog on Post Tournament Thoughts, Facts, Stats, Suggestions and Questions?

1. Why would 3 officials from the same area of one team be assigned a tournament game and none from the other team from another board’s area?

2. In a state game why would there be 2 officials from the home teams board area and one nuetral official and no officials from the visiting teams board area?

3. With the new rule this year that coaches could list 2 negative votres (officials that they did not want to officiate their tournament games) honored for all 112 Tournament Games and 8 State Games?

New Question: How did a poster on MBR know who was officiating the Hampden-Deering Boys Game when it it supposed to be a BIG SECRET?

Qustions asked and I do not have the answers? Do you?????