Any D1 Prospects in this Years Boys Senior Class?

Unless someone of the better McDonald’s All-Stars goes to prep school and really improves, matures physically and mentally , there are currently NO D1 or D2 scholarship Prospects for this years graduating senior class.

There are some very good D3 prospects right out of high school. McCue of Hampden, Britten of Yarmouth, Amabile of Deering, Libby of Bonny Eagle, Pat Stewart of Bangor, St. Germaine of Dirigo, Alley of Jonesport-Beals, Sennick off Mt. Blue, Tolman of Gardner, Palmer of Gardner, are all players that I saw on TV that impressed me enough to recommend them as excellent D3 prospects. If any of them went to prep school next year you never know what might happen.

In fact, any Maine senior who has aspirations at the D1 level regardless of his ability should go to prep school if they want to be an impact player as early as a sophomore. A sure sign if they are a possible D1 prospect is whether or not any prep school offers them a full scholarship.