What Did Hampden, Gardner and Lee All Have In Common In their Loses in State Games?

Besides losing in their respective State Games what did all three have in common that contributed to their losses.

Hampden And Lee lost on the road and Gardner lost at home.

1. Each team had a bad quarter. Hamoden had a bad 3rd quarter, Gardner had a bad third period scoring only 4 points and Lee had a bad fourth quarter.

2. Each team had too many turnovers, Hampden 19, Gardner 18 and Lee.17. all more than their opponents.

3. Their opponents took advantage and scored of many of those turnovers

4. Each let the other tems best player have a big night scoring. Hampden let Deering’s Amabile hit for 27, Gardner let Yarmouth’s Britten score 29 points and Lee let Dirigio’s big scorer St. Germakine hit for 26.

5. Hampden did not handle Deering’s zone trap defense very well, Gardner did not run  it’s Flex Offense any where near as much or as well as it did in the Eastern Tourney and Lee’s athleticism was not enough to counter Dirigo’s inside game.

6. Credit Deering, Yarmouth and Dirigo for controlling the tempo of the games. Usually when fairly even teams meet the team that controls the tempo of the game wins.