Tomorrow–Shooting % for home/visiting Teams at the 3 State Championship Sites Winners/losers an

Tomorrow I will give out the shooting percentages at each site for the state championship games. Also, will show the home and visiting teams shooting percentages and compare that to the winners and losers in those games and sites.

Remember the West won 3 and lost 1 in Boys and the East Girls won 3 and loss 1.

The East Jonesport-Beals Winning CLass D at Augusta and Class C Lee losing at Augusta. Washburn and in Girls D and Central in Girls C winning at Augusta won at Augusta. Class B Yarmouth won at Bangor and PI girls won in Bangor. In class A both Hampden and Cony lost at Portland.

In Boys the West won A B and C and the East won just D

 West 3 wins l loss.

In Girls the West just won A and the East won B C and D

East 3 wins 1 loss

totals 4 wins 4 loses for each West and East this year.