Tourney thoughts, facts, stats, suggestions and questions

Well, high school basketball is over for another season. Congratulations to all the new State Champions. Here are my personal Thoughts, Facts, Stats, Suggestions and Questions about the just completed Tournaments and State Games and future Tournaments and State Games.

Stats: First lets look at the shooting percentage statistics for the Eastern Maine Class B C and D Boys and Girls Tournaments held at the Bangor Auditorium.

Boys Shooting Percentages

Class B, 61% for foul shooting, 30% for 3 point shooting 39% for field goal shooting.

Class C, 64% for foul shooting. 33% for 3 point shooting, 40% for field goal shooting

Class D, 60% for foul shooting, 34% for 3 point shooting, 48% for field goal shooting.

Totals……61% for foul shooting, 32% for 3 point shooting., 42% for field goal shooting

Girls Shooting Percentages

Class B, 59% for foul shooting, 31% got 3 point shooting. 39% for fiield goal shooting

Class C, 53% for foul shooting,  22% for 3 point shooting. 31% for field goal shooting

Class D, 57% for foul shooting, 32% for 3 point shooting, 41% field goal shooting

Totals…,.56% for foul shooting,  28% for 3 point shooting, 36% field goal shooting

All Totals 59% for foul shooting, 30%  for 3 point shooting, 39% field goal shooting

These statistics show that the total averages are all below average for each area. Good Shooting Teams at the high school level should shoot 70% from the foul line,  35% from 3 point land and  45% from the floor.

The reasons for these below average shooting percentages are as follows:

1. Different shooting background at the Auditorium with the baskets farther away from the back wall which gives a different shooting depth background

2. Poor field goal Shot Selection

3. Poor fundamental shooting techniques

4. 3 point line

5. Defenses improved more than offenses?

Thanks to statistican Bill Spence for these percentage statistics

Suggestion: For Last Year for the “Mecca” for State Games

With the Bangor Auditorium hosting the 2013 Tournaments for the last time how about holding all of the eight state championship games there as part of the celerbration of the 57 years of tournament history there? Built speciffically for basketball and opening in the 1956-57 season, the D’s could be held Friday Evening, C’s Saturday Morning, B’s Saturday Afternoon and  Class A’s Saturday Evening.  very fitting  ending for a bulding that has given so much to Eastern Maine High School Basketball.

If this could not be done because of contracts with Portland CCCC and Augusta CC then how about the next question?

Suggestion: How about holding a Tourament Champions for the 4 class winners for boys and girls. 4 semi-final games on Friday and consolation and championship games on Saturday afternoon and the finals Saturdau evening

Big money maker for the MPA. This would be an excellent substitute for playing all the 8 state championship games. In fact, it is a great idea even if they could play the 8 state championship games at the Bangor Auditorium..

Suggestion:How About Holding All State Championship Games at Nuetral Sites?

While many times a team only gets to a state championship game maybe once in 25 years or so if they are lucky wouldn’t it be fairer to hold the state championship games at nuetral sites rather than alternating back and forth EasWest every other year. A team that has played 3 games on their areas tournament floor certainly has an advantage over the visiting team that only gets 1 practice on the championship site. It could be set up the following way: Class C-D currently in Augusta could go to Bangor, Class B currently in Bangor could go Augusta and Class A curently held inPortland could go to Bangor. Now you are going to say wait a minute how about all that travel? Well, how about the State Championship Football Games for A B and  are always held in Portland each November?

If you are not going to use neutral sites then the visiting teams should get 3 practices at the championship site in order to even the paying field. Isn’t that what the MPA is always trying to do? Even the playing field as they said that was the reason for limiting schools to 5 exhibition dates during the basketball season two years ago?

Suggestions and Questions for Tournament Officials Assignment

When 2 teams are from the same area have 3 officials from those two schools areas or 3 completely neutral officials, 2 from the schools areas and 1 neutral official or 1 from the schools area and 2 neutral officials.

When 2 teams are from different areas have one from each area and one nuetral official or 3 neutral officals from another area.

Go back to the teams list of 10 and give each team one official of their list  and add 1 neutral official from another area.

When there are two teams from different areas why would there be 3 officials from just one of the schools and none from the other school’s area?

Were all the 2 negative votes allowed fo each team (new this year) honored for all tournament games?

In a state game why would you have 2 officials from the home teams area and one nuetral and none from the visiting teams area?

Fact: Ticket Prices

The MPA raised their ticket prices for adults from $7 to $8, kept the students at $5 and had a senior citizen special of $5 or an all tournament senior pass for $45. All good ideas except the increase for adults.

Question: Will the Eastern A’s ever Come back to Bangor?

With only Bangor, Brewer and Hampden east of Fairfield and the other 11 KVAC A teams from Fairfield to Bath South. Oxford Hills West and Mt. Blue of Farmington North, it is very doubtful even with a brand new Bangor Auditorium Available.

Wonder what the attendance comparisions are for the A Tournament being held at Bangor and Augusta? However, one big difference now is that the A Tournament is held during vacation week not a week after the completion of the B C and D Tournaments and held all by themselves with no competition like there is now from other class tournaments?:

These are just my thoughts, facts, Bill Spence’s stats, questions and suggestions for the tournaments.

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