“Off the Rim’s” Pick For Eastern Maine Coach of the Year For All 4 Classes

“Off the rims” Coach of the Year Picknin Eastern Maine for all 4 classes is Coach Carl Parker of the Nokomis Warriors. He guided a young Nokomis team that lost a sure fire pick as Maine’s Mr. Basketball when Chris Braley decided to go to prep school out of state for his senior year. However, Coach parker didn’t let that effect his team or himself. They dug down deep and finished 6th in the B Tournament.

They forced the eventual Eastern Maine B Champion Gardner Tigers into overtime. They gave the Tigers their toughest test as they handled Medomak Valley and unbeaten MDI with alot more ease then they did the Warriors.

Nokomis also had to play without another key player the last part of the season and against Gardner, soi they had to overcome that also.

Look for Nokomis to be a big threat for next years Class B Title as they return nearly everybody. Excellent rebuilding job.

Coach Parker got the most out of his team this year, more then any other coach in any other class. It isn’t so much what you do when you have the talent. it is what you do when you don’t have as much talent as the top teams in your division that decides the quality of a good succesful coach.

Congratulations to you Coach and your team on a job well done. With a little luck you might have been playing tomorrow nite.