4 All-Conference & Rookie of the Year Selections Puts Even More Pressure on UMaine Men

American East Conference Voters certainly have put more added pressure on a very disappointing regular season for the Maine Mens Team (6-10 conference record and 12-16 overall record) by selecting 4 starters, Fraser, Edwards, made lst team,  McLemore made 2nd team and Allison made 3rd team as all-conference selections, as well as the rookie of the year award.to Edwards.

Are the AE voters saying that with those selections that Maine underachieved this season?

Maybe this will back fire on the voters as hopefully it will fire the Black Bears up to reach their true potential that the voters think they have or should of had..

 If the 3 all-conference teams first, second and third are made up of 5 players each for a total of 15 players and you get 4 of them that is 26% of the best players in the conference by the voters selections.

Maybe the Bears players will realize that they are better than they have played and their record indicates or think they are and they can reach their potential in their opening quarter-final game against Vermont Saturday at Hartford.

IF, an it is a big IF, that two letter word. they play to their potential I predict an upset Win for Maine. Vermont has got to beat Maine for a third time after beating them twice in conference play by 15 at Vermont and by 10 at Maine.

Good luck Maine and let’s hope the Big IF comes true.