UMaine Men’s Final Team Statistics for Regular Season and Things They Need to Do to Upset 2nd Seeded Vermont on Saturday in the AE Conference Tourney

UMaine Mens team heads for Hartford on Saturday to take on the University of Vermont in a quarter-final game American East Conference Game.. Maine finished 11-16 overall against D1 competition.

These stats include Small Yankee Conference University of Maine Machias Game which inflate the stats a little as the score of that game was 113-49.

Maine Shot 44.6% From the Floor including 3 point and 2 point attempts averaged. 65.4 FGA and made 29.5 FG.

Maine shot 49.7% for 2 point goals averaging  making 23 of 46.2 per game

Maine shot 32.9% from beyond the 3 point arch on  averaging 6.5 made out of 19.7 attempted  per game.

Maine shot 68.7% from the charity stripe on 11.4 of 16.6 per game average

Maine averaged 15.0 assists per game and averaged 15.5 Turnovers per game.

Lets see what the stats say.

College teams should average at least 45% from the floor on 2 point goals and Maine averaged 49.7%

College Teams should average at least 43% from the floor on 2-3 point attempts Maine averaged 44.6% per game

College teams should average 40 percent from 3 point land and Maine averaged just 32.9% per game

College teams should average+ 75.0% from the foul line Maine averaged just 68.7% per game

College teams should average 2 times as many assists as they committ turnovers. Good teams will do this and Maine had as many turnovers per game as they did assists.

Maine shot above average from the floor for 2 pointers and shot above average for field goal shooting combining 2;s and 3’s.

College teams should average 40% from the 3 point line and Maine was just 32.9%.

The stats show that Maine took too many 3’s for the percentage that they shot and did not get the ball inside enough for 2 pointers where it was their offensive strength, thus they were not patient enough on offense.

Foul shooting wins/losses games and Maine shot 7 percent below 75%. How many games did they lose here at the line. Maine did not get to the foul line enough as teams should at least average 20 plus Foul shot attempts. The reasin they didn’t get to the line 20 plus times per game was because they did not get the ball inside enough to their big peopel and settled for too many 3.s

Where they really hurt themselves was at the assist to turnover ratio, where they turned the ball over as many times as they made assists, when the ratio should be 2 to one assists to turnovers. This resulted in some losses.

Combining all these statistics should that these statistics tell the story for Maine during their regular season.Maine had 3 players averaging double figures, McLemore 17.0, Edwards at 14.1 and Fraser at 13.0 per game.

Edwards just did not get enough touches on the low block as he only averaged 10.5 field goal attempts per game and he had to be doubled down on to be double teamed.

Defensively Maine gave up 80 points a game twice, 70 points 12, 60 points 8,. 50 points 5. and 40 points once ,while they scored 80 points 4 70 -5, 60-8, 50 3 and 40 2 times.

Maine gave up way too many uncontested 3 point shots. 

This weekend they will have to shoot 75% from the line and get to the foul line at least for 30 plus attempts and that means getting the ball inside to Fraser and limiting 3 point shots unless the shooters are wide open, like on a foul shot.. They have got to keep Vermont off the foul  line by committing 4 or less personal fouls each half and keep the turnovers under 10 and get twice as many assists as turnovers. 

If Maine does this then I think that they canupset Vermont.

Vermont is a better draw then Boston U. as they are not as athletic as Maine even though Vermont beat them at Vermont by 15 and at Maine by 10. Tough to beat a team three times in a season, as Maine found out the past two seasons when they went in 3rd place both years and after beating UNH and Hartford twice in the regular season.

THis time it is Vermont who is the high seed at 2 and Maine the low seed at 7….Seems like a possible upset here.