State Championship Picks For Boys

Here are my picks for Boys  State Games

Class A Hampden at Deering….CCCC

 3rd time Deering-Hampden have met for the state A game. They split Deering winning at Portland and Hampden winning at Bangor back to back seasons several years ago. Deering a little more athletic then Hampden and quicker. Court is 94 feet-50 feet college size not 84-50 High School. The size of the court and the game at Portland is the difference in this one. Conditioning is a big factor and Hampden needs to get on a college size court this week in order to be ready for the 10 foot longer floor. Harder to press on this floor, but Deering has already played 2 games on this Cumberland Community Civic Center Surface.  DEERING is my pick

Class B Yarmouth at Gardner at Bangor Auditorium

2 upset winners who beat the number 1 seeds iwho were unbeaten their tournies. Falmouth was upset by Yarmouth and Gardner upset MDI.

I like Gardner’s toughness both mentally and physically.  3 seed Yarmouth maybe a little more athletic and quicker, but 4 seed Gardner has 3 games on the Bangor Auditorium Floor and have played well there.

Gardner a 3 upsets Yarmouth a 3.

 Class C Lee at Dirigo at Augusta Civic Center

Dirigo has played 3 games on the ACC Floor. Tough place to shoot. Lee is more athletic and quicker. Western Class C is usually tougher than Eastern C. Could be best game of the 4. Lee will have to play better then they did in any of their 3 games in Bangor.

This is a toss up…so I will stick with Lee in a close one

Class D Jonesport-Beals-Forest Hills at Augusta Civic Center

Jonesport-Beals has alot of talent for a class D school. They also have excellent size and quickness. Garrett Beal is an outstanding player. Forest Hills hasa player that had 51 points in the quarter-final game. Eastern D is usually tougher overall then Western D and that could offset the 3 games that Forest Hills has played at the ACC. 

Jones-port-Beals to win this one going away.