Shooting Percentage Woes at the 4 Eastern Maine Tournaments

Inhave all the shooting statistics for all but 3 games in the Eastern Maine tTournament. I am trying to get the Eastern Maine Class A semi-finals girls games and the Mt. Blue-EL game.

However, for all the boys 27 games that I have and the 26 girls games I have the following shooting percentages:

Boys Field Goal Percentage 39.7

Boys Foul Shooting Percentages 66.7

Boys 3 point shooting percentages 31.6

Girls Field Goal Percentages 34.7

Girls  Foul shooting percentages 56.9

Girls 3 point shooting percentages 33.9

Average percentages for high school teams should be at least 42% for field goals. 70% for foul shots and at least 33% for 3 point goals. None of the total averages hit these averages