Is This a 3 Second Violation??????

Player A1 receives a pass in the middle of the free throw lane before the offiical blows the whistle for a 3 second violation. The player then dribbles twice towards the basket and lays the ball up a basket. The crowd wants a 3 second violation are they right?

NO. if a player in the free throw lane receives the ball in the lane before the official blows the whistle then the playwr is allowed to try to attempt to get a shot off so long as they are moving towards the basket. If they dribble out of the lane or pass the ball out of the lane, then that is a 3 second violation?

Team B misses a shot, rebounds and shoots again, misses rebounds the ball again, misses again and then his/her teammate gets the rebound and scores. Crowd wants a 3 second call is the crowd correct?

NO, once the legal try for goal has left the shooters hand there is no longer team or player control. Therefore if the player gets the rebound and shoots the ball before within 3 seconds then they can stay in the free throw lane as long as they want to (and their teammates) so long as the shoit is taken before the rebounder is in the lane with ball for 3 seconds.