What is the Best Seed Position to Pull an Upset and Win the Whole Thing?

What is the best position to go into a tournament if you are a low seeded team to win the tournament? SIXTH..because you get to play3 2 and 1 (if there are no upsets) and the pressure is on the higher seeded teams as they are expected to win because of their higher seedings. I can remember going in 6th when I was coaching at Orono in 1962 and we went in 6th, no one wanted to play us and we beat 3 Greenville, 2 Lincoln and 1 ACI to win the whole thing.

No pressure as nobody expected us to win and then we lost in the state Final at the Lewiston Armory against the top seeded Gorham Team from Western maine and lost by one point on a questionable foul call 83 feet away from Gorham’s basket.

They went to the foul line with ONE SECOND LEFT on a foul called at our basket on a ball that had gone out of bounds and a pushing foul was called on one of our players which did not effect the play, as the whistle had blown to give Gorham the ball and the lead official called a personal foul on one of our players who had gone after the ball and in doing so knocked down a Gorham plauyer, It should have been a no call of a technical foul becasuse the ball was dead. Didn’t matter which was called or not called as they marched the player to the foul line where he made the first foul shot and won the game 68-67 if I remember right.