Over the Years How Many Games Have Been Won or Lost Because of Who is Playing or Who is Not Playing, because of Foul Trouble????

Over the years with the tournament games being called tighter because of different pressures on officials, such as how officials react to the pressure of big crowds, one and done games, scruitiny of being evaluated for further tourney assignments and now of course with 3 officials instead of two.

My scorebooks over the 26 years we participated in post season play usually showed more fouls were called in tournament games then in regular season games with either 2 or 3 officials working the game.

Rule 10-6-1 the contact rule is called closer to the Rule Book in the tournament then in regular season play

So how many games have been won or lost because of this not playing, either having fouled out or on the bench with foul trouble???? Probably to numerous to count or remember.

That is why I have always been in favor of the old CBA Foul Rule which stated “if a player received his 5th foul the coach could take him out with no penalty, leave him in the game and on that 5th foul or if he took the player out any additional foul was penalized with 2 shots and the retaining of the ball at the spot of the ball.”.

Just like an intentional foul..

Now this had some good strategy available and tough decisions to be made by the coaches.

1. Is the player good enough to warrnat playing him/her with the severe penalty?.

2. Should the team play a zone to protect the player?

3. Will the other team go right at the player offensively to get that penalized 2 and the ball foul???

What other sport is it legal to do something a certain number of times and then do it one more than is legal then you are disqualified from the game???.

In football, a player could hold 15 times and not be penalized by being forced to leave the game, yet in basketball that same player holds for the 5th time and he is disqualifed.

Doesn’t make sense. I have always favored the 2 and the ball penalty.

This rule change would take the pressure off the players, coaches and the officials. The state of Minnesota used this rule and it was called “The Mkinnesota Rule”, and I do not know if it is still being used today, but I certainly like it..

Games shouldn’t be decided by who is playing and who is not playing because of personal fouls.