Block, Charge or Blarge??????????

In the 2 weeks of tournament and state final play thee will be hundreds of block, charges or blarge calls made by the officials. Lets discuss them right now and try to clear up some misconceptions about these calls than fans get so upset with.

One of the most difficult calls for officials is it a block, a charge or a blarge.

A defender must have been in legal guarding position (LGP) with both feet on the floor facing the offensive player squared to the offensive player for kn order to be in position to receive a player control foul. Once the player is in a lLGP he may move sideways or backwards leave his/her feet to defend, turn their body away to protect themselves and if there is contact then the foul is a player control foul. (Really should be called a player-out-of-control foul, because if the player was in control of his/her body he would not be charging into the defender) The offensive player must get his head and shoulders by his defender in order to have any moving contact with the defender to be a block.

A blarge is when one official calls it a block and another official calls it a chaarge. This would be a double foul. You will not find the term “Blarge” in the Rule Book.