Eastern Boys B Semi-Finals Strategies and Predictions

Interesting,  no KVAC B vs. Big East Bin the semi-finals.

6 Gardner vs. 2. Medomak Valley…Medomak Valley has beaten Garner twice during the regiular season and once in the KVAC Conference Game.Tough to beat a good team like Gardner four times. But Medomak Valley has Justin Murray and other size and if they use their size by getting the ball inside more than they did against Oceanside look for a Medomak Valley Win. If they don’t go inside enough then Gardner has a good chance to pull the upset. My prediction, they will go inside and thus Medomak valley is my pick

6 Presque Isle vs. 1 MDI….MDI beat PI twice during the regular season.

PI has the size to match up MDI’s size. The team that takes advantage of their size the most by going inside will win this one..PI has not won an Eastern Maine B Title since they moved down from Class a few years ago.

MDI got by their biggest challenge edging Camden 59-58 in a game they could well have lost and that was my upset pick of thre B Boys Tourney. However, surviving a tough game when they didn’t play well, they should beat PI for a third time.y pick..MDI.