Week of Feb 19-25 Rules of the Week


With the prelims starting tonight and the tournaments starting Friday, lets look at some rules that some fans, some players and yes, even some coaches don’t know or misinterpretate.

1. A player may fumble the ball, pick it up, dribble the ball and then pick it up

2. A Player can dribble the ball, fumble the ball and pick it up, but cannot dribble.

You can “Dribble – fumble – dribble, but you cannot dribble – fumble – dribble.

3. A team has the ball in their front court, the player with the ball loses control of it and the lead official calls 3 seconds in the bucket. The official is correct

4. On a jump ball to start the game. A1 and B1 both tap the ball and it then hits the floor. A1 picks up the ball. This is not a violation.

5. On a jump ball to start the game. Ai and B1 both simoustaneously tap the ball out of bounds. The official has them rejump. Right if no other players touch the ball.

6. A1 reaches over the back off B1 to get a rebound. Ref calls a foul on A1. Wrong over the back is not a foul, ON THE BACK IS A FOUL

7. A coach yells at the official, that’s a moving screen, thats an illegal scxreen, that’s an illegal pick, etc. and the official ignores the coach because there is no such animal in the rule book. It is a.BLOCK and it is a team control foul and the defense gets the ball at the spot of the foul.

8. A player is going out of bounds in theb air with the ball and calls time out. Official grants a timeout. Is the official correct? YES In college they cannot call a time out, but in high school you can.

9. A1 the defender is standing on the sideline with one foot on the sideline and the offensive player B1with the ball charges right into him, knocking the defender down.. Official calls this a defensive block. Is the official correct. YES. A defensive player is not in a legal guarding position if the player is not in bounds.

10. Basket interfernce and goal tending are the same penalty. YES offensive no basket and defense basket is good.