Week of Feb 19-25 Coaches Tip of the Week

Remember coaches whose teams didn’t make the prelims or lose in the prelims, remember you can still coach your players until Friday, Feb 24, 2012 as the mpa sports season policy allows. Have your underclassmen work on individual skills, have individual lessons bring in an outsider for a clinic, practice, scrimmage, play an Alumni Game if you have not had your 5 exhibition dates used up. Give these returnig thinks to work on during the off season and get them on a weight program. These two weeks are a good time to do that.

Don’t waste these the 2 weeks. Get a jump start gfor your summer program. Your kids will get excited, if you get excited. Have a meeting to  make sure that they are playing on an AAU. MBR, MAC, etc. Team.

Take your returning players to the nearest tournament to watch teams that you will playbnext year.