MDI Survives Barely Against Camden Hills 59-58

MDI had raced to a 14 point lead in the third period only to have Camden Hills cut the lead and then go ahead by 6 a 20 point swing. MDI then rallied and edged the Windjammers by 1 on Ben Walls foul shot with less then a minute to go.

Walls foul shoit put MDI up 59-58, Camden couldn’t convert, the MDI turned the ball over with 25 seconds left in game. Camden missed the winning shot at the buzzer.

This was my only upset pick in the B opening round. Picked an upset because of the following:

1. Pressure on MDI number 1 and unbeaten

2. No pressure on Camden Hills as the 8th seed

3,. KVAC B stronger overall then Big East B, thus Camden had a tougher schedule for the regular season.

4. MDI did not have many close games during the season

5. Veteran coach for Camden Hills

6. Tourney experience for some Camden Hills Players

7. MDI had everything to lose, tournament game, unbeaten season and they were expected to win….this is added pressure

Give MDI alot of credit as they regained their composure and came from 6 down after leading by 14 in the third period.

Give cudos to Camden Hills for not wilting when down 14 and then comeback abd take the lead.

MDI plays PI a team they have beaten twice in the regular season. However, PI can match MDI in the size department.

Best game of the tournament in all classes so far in my opinion.