MDI Boys Barely Survive Camden Hills 59-58.

This was my upset special of the opening quarter-final B round and Camden Hills had a chance to win it with the last shot of the game.

MDI had built up a 14 point lead only to see Camden Hills comeback and take a 6 point lead with 4 minutes to go. MDI came back and tied the game at 58-58 and a Ben Wall foul shot game them a i point lead. Camden failed to score on their next possession and MDI had the ball, but they turned it over with about 25 seconds left in the game.

Camden Hills had the ball down 1 and then some questions. Did Camden Hills have any time outs left? They failed to get a shot off at the 10 second mark which if they had made would put them ahead, if they missed they would have had a chance for an offensive rebound and if MDI got the rebound they could have fouled and it would have still been a l possession game even if MDI had made both free throws.

Tough break as Camden missed the last shoit just before the buzzer and not enough time left to foul.

Reason I picked this as the upset special was because of the following:

1. Camden Hills has been here before

2. MDI was unbeaten

3. KVAC B was stronger overall then the Big East B thois year meaning that Camden had played a tougher regular seson schedule

4. MDI had not played in many pressure packed games during the regular season

5. The pressure was on MDI not on Camden Hills

6. Camden had the edge with a very siuccessful and experienced coach

However, give MDI alot of credit as they battled back after that 20 point swing of being ahead by 14 and then trailing by 6.

MDI now meets Presque Isle who beat Ellsworth in the other afternoon semi-final.

MDI beat PI twice during the regular season, but will have to play much vetter against PI who can matchup with MDI’s size. .