Some Reminders for Radio Broadcasters and Color Commentators

Foir fans listening on the radio to a basketball game, please remember broadcasters to give the score as often as you can as there is nothing more frustrating to a listener as to pick up a game and have to wait minutes for the score.

Colo Commentators: PLease let the listeners know what basket each team is using at the site so the fans can visual the game some. Let fans know what kind of defenses each team is playing and what kind of offenses they are running.

Both Broadcasters/Color Commentators

…between the two of you please keep the listeners updated on foul trouble that players are in, how many team fouls on each team. are teams in the bonus or penalty bonus.

Just some friendly reminders as the tourney games approach. This makes it much more interesting for the knowledgable basketball fans who are depending on you to let them know what is really going on in the game.

Knowledgable fans are going to listen to the games on the radio from the station whose crews give them the most basketball information besides the score and the crews opinions un;less asked for by their partners.. Stick with the facts and what is really happening on the court and you will have a bigger following then the stations crews that do not do these things.

Just some suggestions from an old coach, Radio TV/Color Comentator and fan who will be listening to the first round games on the radio and I would really like to know what is really happening in the game on the floor..