Class A Eastern Boys Strategies for Quarter-final Games

Some strategy for teams to think about in their opening quarter-final games in a very even tournament field

8 Erskine vs. 1 Hampden……Erskine  upset winner of 8th seed Cony at Cony. Have to hope for over confidence on Hampden’s part looking by the Rams to Lawrence-Bangor winner in Semi’s. Erskine will need to play a junk defense against Hampden to hope to upset their offensive rythmn. Maybe a diamond and one on their best perimeter shooter and at could also help shut down their inside game. Hampden better be ready for a Junk Defense or something that Erskine did not do in the regular season.

7 EL vs.  2 Lewiston…….Tough again to beat a good team three times especially when they were both good games. Rivalry also fires up the underdog and this isn the only cross town rivalry game in tourney. EL must try something different and hope that the law of averages is on their side.

3 Mt. Blue vs. 6 Brunswick……Mt. Blue is my pick as the tourney dark horse. Have been very competitive against the better confernce teams.  Just don’t look by Brunswick looking for bigger game in the semis.

4 Lawrence vs. 5 Bangor….Neither team is very strong offensively especially from the perimeter. Lawrence real strong defensively, but don’t look for them to hold Bangor to 22 points this time around. Wouldn’t change anything for either team, however a zone would surprise Bangor and they do not have much 3 point shooting, but Lawrence doesn’t play much if any zone. Bangor could come out in a 2-3 zone as they have done in the past in opening tourney games to surprise Lawrence. Tough matchup for both teams and tough for a Lawrence team to beat a Bangor team 3 times in one season…