What Is the Difference between the Classes?

De…….fence. The lower the class the weaker the defense and more zones are played in C and D then in A or B. Class A more tough hardnosed man to man in your face pressure and B more normal man to man defense.

You can always be off on your shooting, but there is no excuse for being off playing defense.   Defense is nothing more than “the Desire to Perspire”.

Class A …..Toughess man to man team is Lawrence….Any Mike Magee Team is hardnosed defense, defense, defense first…. offense, what is that???? Held Bangor to just 22 points at Bangor on 7-48 FG shooting.

Class B …..Camden Hills Trademark of a Jeff Hart coached team

Class C …..Penquis Tony Hamlin teams are always good defensively

Class D…..Central Aroostook  Tim Brewer’s teams have won State Crowns with their defense.