What is Harder Guarding a player with the ball or without the ball?

When do more defensive mistakes occur when a defender is guarding a player with the ball or guarding a player without the ball.

Once the ball has crossed half court and the point guard has got the ball to the top of the circle to start the offense if you divide a game out by 5 starters and 1 sub evenly you will guard a player with the ball 5 minutes and a player with the ball 25 minutes. So more mistakes come from guarding a player without the ball.

This usually means getting beat on face cuts or back door cuts because the defender is not keepintg the ball, you man triangle. Also, you get beat on the offensive board more if you don’t go and find your man to block out as soon as the shooter shoots the ball.

Also, you have to be ready to close the door in help defense if the player with the ball beats his man off the dribble. Then you have to recover after the help to cover your own man.

Guarding a man with the ball holding iit or dribbling is much easier. First you don’t have to worry about getting beat by face or back cuts. You can only get beat off the dribble or the fake and dribble or fake a shoot.

You also should have help defense from teammates if you get beat off the dribble. It is easier to block out the shooter then a player without the ball becasuse you are facing him to begin with, not keeping the ball, you and man triangle. You don’t have to find your man you are already looking at him. Biggets thing to remember yo keep your left hand up on right hand shooters and left hand up on lefty shooters. Watch their throat  bbecause they can’t fake with that and always overplay them to their stromng side hand.


Guarding a player with the ball