Interesting that Schools/Coaches Can Now Negative Vote 2 Officials

The Maine State Basketball Commission has added to the list of 10 officals that the schools/coaches may list for the tournament pool and NOT GUARANTEED THAT THEY WILL GET AN OFFICAL OFF THAT LIST, THE COMMISSION HAS ALLOWED THE SCHOOLS/COACHES TO LIST 2 OFFICIALS THAT THEY DON’T WANT ASSIGNED TO THEIR POST SEASON TOURNAMENT GAMES.

If based on ability and not personalites the officials that would be blacklisted probably wouldn’t receive enough votes to make the tourney pool anyway.

Until the schools/coaches get their list of 10 officals that they would like to have  one guaranteed assigned to all of their post season games this addition of 2 negative votes does very little to help the coaches, unless it is because of personality conflicts with certain officials.

To get the guarantee of officials for every tournament game a school plays you would have to go to a list of 20 as I said in my column today. Also, they could assign officials to 2 games in a day so long as they were spaced out and one was a girls game and 1 was a boys game especially where they are using 3 officials for each game.