Week of Feb 12-17 Rule of the Week

Dunking in Pregame is a technical foul and the coach loses the coaching box because he/she is responsibile for his/or her team at all times, just like the bench.

I do not like this rule and here is why. What other sport is it illegal and you are penalized if you do something in pregame, but then it is legal in the game?

Basketball is the only sport I can think of.

Here is the problem. Dunking is a skill and you need to warmup properly if you are going to dunk in a game.

The NBA allows pregame warmup dunking.

High School and College it is a technical foul to dunk or attempt to dunk in pregame.

Is this rule intended to protect the equipment (rim/basket) and the possible delay of the game? S

Shouldn’t we be more concerned with the safety of the players? 

Either allow the players to dunk in pregame or make it illegal to dunk during a game.