Week of Feb 12-17 Coaches Tip of the Week

This week’s tip is for coaches whose teams are going to the tournaments at Portland, Bangor or Augusta,

As I told the players in their tip of the week, try to get to a facility that has the same type of shooting background from away from the basket. Worth the rental cost if you can find a place that is like that. In Portland Area, the Expo and USM. In Augusta area, Colby College, Lewiston Armory?,  and in Bangor area if Ice is up Alfond Arena.

Bring in some of your ex players and have them act as the opponents players by size and position and have them run the opponents offenses and defenses. This helps more than going against your second group

Remmeber tourney time means 3 officials so the game mayl be called tighter. So make this adjustment in practice.

Also, teams that get bys have an advantage over the teams that have prelim games, If you get a bye, make sure you get the game scouted of the team winner you are going to play

If you are in a prelim game, make sure you get vthe heal points unofficial of course as soon as you can on Friday. This will allow you 3 or 4 practices Friday, Saturday and Monday or Tues.

Good luck in the Prelims and Tournies. .