Last Week of Season: Tournament starts tonight for some teams.

With the cutoff for all high school games on Thursday of this week some teams are already in a “do or die”, “win or go home” tourney situation.

Those are the teams that are fighting for those last sports for the prelim games. With 2/3’s of teams now qualifying for post season play  if you have over 8 teams in a class,

So there should be some real pressure packed games left on the last two nights of the regular season.

A good example of that are the Bangor-Brewer Boys and Girls teams on Thursday nite at the Bangor Auditorium. The Brewer boys need to win to get a chance to get in and the Bangor Girls are in the same situation reversed.

Also, teams that know they are already in the post season will be fighting to gain heal points to jockey for a better tournament seeding position

Some people don’t like having 2/3’s of the teams making it. They prefer that the top 8 make the tournament with no ptrelim games.

As a former coach I would prefer that every team make the post season and all teams have to particpate in prelim round action after all the higher seeded team gets the advantage of playing at home.