HOW TO IMPROVE Foul Shooting at ANY Level

Many fans are complaining about the poor foul shooting at all levels of the game today in Maine.


Foul shooting is the one skill that is the same for any game of basketball be it in the elementary level thru to the Professional Level. 1. A player has 10 seconds to shoot, 2. is 13  feet 9 inches away from the basket , 3. the rim is 10 feet high 4. there are players lined up on both sides of the free throw lane and no one is hindering to shoot the ball..

Everything is the same, including in many cases low foul shooting %.

Here are the reasons for this poor foul shooting overall.

1. Players do not practice foul shooting enough

2. Players do not practice foul shooting like similarizing game conditions

3. Players do not have a foul shooting ritual

4. Players do not take enough time

5. Poor Fundamentals

 a. Both feet are not squared to the rim

 b. Aim for just over the front of the rim or just in front of the rim

 c.Improper holding of the ball in the shooting hand

 d  Dribble the ball before shooting

 e. Do not get enough legs into the shot

 f. Do not follow thru

 g,  do not end by being up on their toes on follow thru

The next game you go to take alook at the things mentioned above and see if what I have posted is true.

 Some coaches do not have imagination enough to create foul shooting drills that similate game conditions so the players shoot with no pressure if they miss.

Also, never practice foul shooting without having the shot one and one.Heres a good drill.

If you miss the first  foul shot of the one and one you have to run to the opposite endlimne and back. as a penalty.. If you miss the second half of a one and one you have to run the opposite foul line as the penalty.

If you make both ends of the one and you shoot arounbd until uyou miss a shot and after you miss a shot go back to the foul line for the one and one drill.

NEVER SHOOT CONSECUTIVE FOUL SHOTS TO SEE HOW MANY YOU CAN MAKE IN A ROW as you do not do this in a game. Plus it is easy to get into a rythmn when doing this.