Update: 10 REASONS of What is Wrong With High School Basketball?

This question was asked today on a Popular Maine Basketball Board Post.

Here are my 10 biggest reasons for what is wrong with high school basketball in Maine in no particular order

1. 5 Officials Boards-5 different interuptations of Rule 10-6…From Wrestling to Finesse.

2. Coaches who teach players to intentionally break rule 10-6 by trying to get away with as much physical contact that officials allow. Officials need to call fouls that create advantage or disadvantages to players as stated in Rule 10-6..

3. Poor basketball decision making by players

4. Poor shooting techniques especially from the foul line

5. The 3 point teaserland line

6. Poor shot selection by many players and coaches who allow it

7. Coaches not working more on fundamental skills and identifying weakness for players to work on in the offseason and Players who do not working on their weaknesses during the off season. Playing games much more then working on individual fundamental skills

8. Very few good post players and very little use of them in offenses

9. Those that think that basketball should be played like they see on TV D1 and the NBA

10. High School players who try to play athletically and they do not have the athletic talent to do so. It is less athletic players trying to play athletic basketball, not basketball players trying to play basketball and coaches who allow them to do so.