Week of Jan 29-Feb 4 Rule of the Week

At the end of a game a shot is taken with the score tied, the ball is in the air and the horn blows. The ball goes in the basket. The 2 officials did not hear the horn.

 Does the basket count? Depends

What should the officials do?

Which official has the responsibliity of that decision? The trail official who is official nearest mid court. If the trail offical does not know if the basket should count he should ask his partner the lead official if the shot had left the shooters hand before the horn buzzed.

If the lead says it was it counts, if he does not know then the referee (head oifficial)has to go to the timer and ask him 3 questions, Did the ball leave the shooters hand before the horn went off, If the timer says yes the basket counts.No it did not, the basket does not count or if the timer does not know. then the basket will count.

I don’t know by the 2 officials and the timer is an automatic yes.

There are 3 answers yes, no and I don’t know which is an automatic yes.