Week of Jan 29-Feb 4 Coaches Tip of the Week

It is time to think about post season games with the season about two/thirds over. If it was me knowing that all games will be officiated by 3 person crews I would have my last 3 home games officiated by 3 person crews to get ready for the post season games if I have not had them during the season.

The reason being that the game will be called differently and usually more tightly then during the regular season. My scorebooks over the years usually showed that more fouls are called in the post season then in the regular season. And that was with 2 person crews were used, let alone 3 personcrews as 6 eyes usually see more then 4 eyes.

Get your team prepared by going to 3 person crews for your remaining home games of the regular season. It will cost a little more, but it is well worth it to have you and your players prepared.