Week of Jan 22-28 Coaches Tip of the Week

Startegy for finding out what type of defense your opponents are playing if you are not sure.

Have your players form a double stack low with 2 players on each side of the free throw lane on the blocks. This puts your players behind the defense and makes it easier to determine the defense.

If the defensive players go with the players then they are playing  man to man

If the players stay where they are then they are playing zone and you can identify the type of zone by the formation

This is also a good thing to do if you want to find out if they are playing a true matchup zone. If they go with their players like it is man toi man just call one of the players from one of the stacks to go off then other stack to see what the defense does. If it is a true matchup then the defender goes with the cutter into the middle of the free throw lane and then releases the cutter to one of the men in the stack. If they do this then they are in a true matchup zone.