Week of Jan 15-21 Coaches Tip of the Week

Switching Men when teams run flex or 3-2 motion.

Do you get tired of having to have your defense follow teams thru their flex or 3-2 motion offenses?

Try this little trick. Have your players switch on every screen away. You know where the players are leaving from and where they are going to. This will make it look like a 2-3 zone against flex and look like a 3-2 zone against 3-2 motion.

Then when the offense goes to their 2-1-2 zone offense when you switched on flex and it will make it look like a 1-2-2 jug zone when you switched on 3-2 motion. 

Then when they go to those formations, the next time down the court when you have tomplay defense, go back to man defense. This will really confuse the offense.

Switching against flex and 13-2 motion offenses also allows you keep your big players down low and your smaller defenders out front or on the wings.