Week of Jan 8-14 Rule of the Week

Team Control and Player Control.

Rule 4 Defintions Section 12 Control, Player and Team

Article 1 A player is in control of the ball when he/she is holding or dribbling a live ball inbounds.

Article 2 ….A team is in control of the ball  a.  when a player of the team  in control of the ball  b. While a live ball is being passed among teammates. c.  during an interrupted dribble

Article 3 …Team control continues until  a. the ball is in flight during a try or tap for goal  or. an opponent secures the ball  c. the ball becomes dead.

Once a team has  player control of the ball, they have team control either in the front or back court and it is their ball and all counts continue until the opponent secures the ball. Examples 3 seconds in the bucket with the ball in front court or the 10 second count in the back court even if there is no player control, but their still is team control.