Week of Jan 8-14 Players Tip of the week


1. Make sure both feet are square to the basic (Last Lesson)

2. Have both hands in the shooting position. Shooting hand on top and guide hand or non shooting hand on the side. Just like holding the ball to take a shot

3. Have the hands where you wish to receive the ball.

4. Upon catching the ball pick up your shooting target (The middle of the basket)

This speeds up getting the shot off quickly because if a player is not squared, does not have their hands ready it will take too much time to do this after they have caight the ball because they have to pivot to square and to move the hands. This allows the defender to close out the shooter.

If the player receives the ball correctly and the defense rushes to close him out, the shooter can fake a shot and then dribble by the defender who is off balance because he is rushing towards the shooter and his momentum will carry him away from thre basket, making it easier to dribbble by the defender, especially if the defender leaves his feet on the ball fake.