Week of Jan 8-14 Coaches Tip of the Week

Running a great drill to have the players practice the players tip of the week. Please review players tip of this week.

1. Have players spread out around the 3 point line.

2. Check to make sure that the players feet are properly squared. Shooting foot lined up to the middle of the rim and the non shooting foot 6 inches back of the shooting foot even with the outside edge of the rim. As close as possible.

3. Make sure their hands are in the position they wish to receive the ball.

4. Make sure they have their hands in the shooting position (holding ball on a shot) shooting hand on top and guidehand or non shooting hand on the side of where the ball will be.

Now Blow whistle have players square their feet from a sidewards position.

Blow whistle again to get them to get their hands in the receiving position, check each time on each whistle.

Then do same thing and then have players pretend to catch imaginary ball pick up target (middle of the rim)  and then blow whistle and have players take an imaginary 3 point shot. Make sure that they land at least one set of their feet forward so that their momentum is going towards the basket.

This drill will emphasis how important it is to be squared and hands in position where they want to receive the pass. This will allow for them to be ready to shoot as soon as they receive the ball.

Then put players in 2  lines of 6 on each. line 1 at the point each player with a ball and 1 line at a wing at the 3 point line. Have point player pass ball to player at the wing who is already squared and hands in position to receive the ball. Make sure player does these two things and picks up target and then shoot the 3. Make sure player fall forwards and lands towards the basket. If the ball goes in the player then goes and get the ball and swaps line. If the shot is missed the player goes gets his own rebound and shoots a power layup and then go to the point.