Week of Jan. 1-7 Coaches Tip of the Week

Following up on the players tip of the week, here is an excellent foul shooting drill. Most gyms have 6 baskets. Pair your players up 2 to a basket or 3 to a basket if needed.

Have the non shooting player act as the official and have them on the end line as the lead official getting ready to bounce the ball to the foul shooter. The foul shooter should start hius rittual by having his feet squared to the rim.

The other player acting as the lead official bounces the ball to the foul shooter and the foul shooter thanks him verbally.

The shooter then should hold the ball the same way everytime and then it is up to you if you want them to bounce or dribble the ball. If they dribble the ball make sure that they refocus and pick up the target before shooting.

All foul shots are one and one. make the first get the second.

After the player finishes his l and 1 the partners swap positions and repeat the drill.

Spend 2 minutes at each basket and then have them rotate until they have shot at all 6 baskets.

Each partner keeps the other partners results. He must tell you or your manager how many foul shots his partner attempted and how many he missed and made.

Coach should circlulate around or stay at one basket to make sure the players are doing the rittual he/she wants them to do.

Make sure all players are shooting 1 and 1’s and this drill mimics game conditions.