12/11-17 Player Tip of the Week

Player Tip of the Week:

Defensive blocking out on rebounds when playing man to man defense

When playing man to man defense when the offense puts up a shot the first thing the defensive player should do is find his offensive player and go towards them until he is right in front of them. If the offensive player goes to  the defenders left then the defender should pivot on his/her left foot and move in front of the rebounder.  Then the defender blocking out should pick up his right foot and turn in front of the offensive rebounder.

If the offensive rebounder moves to the defender’s right then the defender blocking out should pivot on his/her right foot whiule picking up the left foot and turns in front of the rebounder.

Never turn when pivoting that you go away from the rebounder or that you loose sight of the rebounder until you have completely turned.

Remeeeber find your man and move towards them as soon as the offense shoots the ball and the ball is released from the shooters hand. DO   NOT TURN ON THE SHOT…FIND YOUR MAN